Managed Services HCC-GCS leverages our 20-year expertise in the IT software industry as well as close connections with high-end IT service providers, we provide continuous monitoring for both IT infrastructure and software applications of enterprises. Our services eliminate the need to maintain a fully staffed, on-site IT security team. Businesses can now focus entirely on their core products or services while leaving security concerns to our experts.

Managed Application Security

A cloud-based automated security testing service optimized to support a wide range of business and software applications.

Our service leverages advanced tools, frameworks and security experts to bring to our customers:

  • In-depth static analysis to identify potential code issues and software vulnerabilities at DevOps speeds throughout development.
  • Advanced vulnerability scanner that can be executed periodically or on demand to help customers proactively respond to any security incident.
  • Centralized reports and countermeasures with comments from certified security experts, everything is secure and powered in the cloud.
  • Penetrate testing from a black hat hacker’s point of view covers every critical business need.
  • AI empowers tools to scan for vulnerabilities and predict potential problems.

Managed network security

Administration, monitoring, and maintenance of a cloud-based 24×7 network helps customers proactively respond to any security incident that could seriously impact any operating business. Real-time protection can be applied to different entities, including network servers, firewalls, IDS/IPS, desktops, and mobile devices.

Our services include:

  • Advanced techniques, tools and hardware can be customized to fit any business.
  • Ethical hackers ready to help remotely and locally.
  • AI-powered operations and log analytics for early detection and prevention.