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Technology has been contributing to changing every aspect of life around the planet, that is happening every day, every hour. The application of management solutions, modern technology is the key for each business to develop sustainably, improve performance and increase competitiveness.

As a professional technology corporation, LF Global Tech PTE. LTD is also aware that there is only one way to sustainable development that is to create technology products that meet customers’ requirements well.

LF Global Tech PTE. LTD is a global technology corporation headquartered in Singapore and subsidiaries in many countries Vietnam, USA, Singapore, Canada, Turkey,…

Up to now, we have had 16 years of operation in the field of finance and technology. With a total of more than 150 professional and experienced IT teams at company branches. We confidently bring solutions and products for system administration, Metaquotes, Mobile Applications and Website.

Currently, we are focusing on developing into the field of manufacturing and providing intensive customer management (CRM) solutions for finance, Custom Development System, BOT support,… with the expectation of expansion and coverage. Global.

Our Mission

We are focusing on many key areas to develop the target market and bring the best investment opportunities to our customers.

Our motto is:

“ Fast – economical and efficient ”

Hope to accompany and cooperate with your business.


LF Global Tech always aims at “customer satisfaction”, building and developing the most suitable products and services, bringing the highest value to customers. This is also a guideline for our development.

LF Global Tech with the orientation of developing into a pioneer and leading unit in the field of providing products and services:

  • The CRM system manages customer information in-depth in finance: underlying securities, derivative securities, derivative goods,…

  • Development of a copy trading platform between professionals and investors, supporting a modern trading system. Third-party platforms are incorporated and applied in the underlying stock exchanges, derivatives trading.

  • Build built-in plugins to optimize your company’s operations.

We always strive to research and create to create different and quality products and services. In order to bring the best value and experience to customers.

At the same time, constantly researching and pioneering new technology trends, contributing to the achievements of world technology.


With the orientation from the early days, LF Global Tech PTE. LTD has determined the development path based on the trust, cooperation, intelligence of the staff and the management ability of the leadership.

We aim to become a leading communication technology company in trading financial system management products and solutions.

Continuously researching and creating modern technology solutions, promoting the automation of customer administration and business support.

Besides, focusing on expanding the scale, strengthening capacity coupled with investment in people, creating a professional working environment.

At the same time, becoming a leading partner of financial companies when accessing advertising and media technology platforms with diverse and multi-platform services.

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We are engineers from different experiences and backgrounds – but with the same passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create world-class digital products. On the way to contribute to the success of our clients, we mature in our careers and find a life of purpose and meaning.