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LF Global Tech is a leader in software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web applications and portal development. With over 5 years of experience, we have supported over 1000 businesses of all sizes and received a lot of positive feedback.

With a young, dynamic and innovative team, we work professionally and have expertise in the latest industry sectors to provide the most comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions. Our goal is to bring the best quality of service to customers through listening and understanding.

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Build and develop custom software. In the midst of the 4.0 technology revolution, the explosion of online communication is getting stronger and stronger. Marketing is an easier and faster way to reach customers than the traditional way, as the Internet now covers most parts of the country.



We provide cross-platform web-mobile solutions that deliver efficient, engaging, and reliable business results for your business. Please contact LF Global Tech immediately, if your business has not implemented a marketing communication plan or has implemented it but it is not effective.



Tell us about your aspirations for your business, our team of experienced and qualified professionals will help you step by step to build the perfect marketing communication strategy that will help your brand. you affirm your position in the market, make an impression in the hearts of customers and increase revenue.



Based on the business and operational requirements of the enterprise. Our team will analyze, support, and advise on solutions to help your business have a solid and perfect management system, help your brand grow stronger and prevent harmful systems. external system attack.


Your Business

We provide brokers with all core high-tech solutions to help you start or improve their business.

  • Improve site structure and content for better conversion rates.

  • Everything you need to get high search engine rankings.

  • Complete service package to increase traffic to your web.

  • Incredible UX and development possibilities.

My chalenger

We are focusing on many key areas to develop the target market and bring the best investment opportunities to our customers.


Big data consulting

Analyze business requirements and develop conceptual solutions.

Enhance development ability

With LF Global Tech, you can be assured of enhanced brand development and transformation, increasing the number of customers knowing and using your products and services.

Enterprise mobility

Device independent apps to help mobile businesses and power their operations.

A reliable companion

LF Global Tech's mission is to be a reliable companion on the way to build and grow your business.

Best service quality

We bring our customers the best quality of service with minimal cost and transparency throughout the implementation process.

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LF Global Tech

Full-cycle service covers every aspect of application production and deployment.


Understanding the importance of products that customers provide can become investment trends in the future, LF Global Tech has constantly developed and supported investors to accumulate trading knowledge and learn. transaction methods. We hope more and more customers know our products so that the market is more and more developed.

About Future

Our Vision

LF Global Tech has built a long-term development orientation with the desire to become a leading marketing communication company in Vietnam, Asia and Europe. To achieve this goal, the LF Global Tech team is constantly updated with the latest trends and technologies, aiming to create a breakthrough in planning for companies that trust LF Global Tech.